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Member and integral usage instructions

Member Points Terms

Please read the following terms on website members and member points:

About membership of this competition

● What is the function to become a member?

 You can pay member price when applying to participate in the sports events. Member price is much lower than normal price;

 Along with the completion of this website, we will provide more website services afterwards;

● How to become a member?

 Please enter the user center of your account and click the membership upgrade beside the top icon to upgrade to a website member by paying money or deduction of member points;

 If you are a VIP member of the event, please contact our website administrator to know how to upgrade;

About the Points

● How to use the points?

For website membership upgrade or renewal, purchasing event goods on the website or applying to participate in the sports events, you can use your member point to deduct cash. If you are paying earnest money, the largest deduction amount cannot be higher than the earnest money;

● How to obtain member points (subject to administrator's setting)?

The below behaviors can earn you different amounts of points:

 User sign up and upgrade to website member;

 Apply to participate in an event and make a comment;

 Upload photos and make a comment of the photos;

 Purchase goods or make an inquiry;

 Issue a topic and publish reply;

 Make a comment on an article;

 Make a comment on video;

● How to check your points?

Log on to the website and enter your own user center->click my points to check your points details.