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2018 Penglai Wine International Marathon—Join & Enjoy [Copy link]

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ShanDong YanTai PengLai Hepingsong Square, Penglai City, Shandong Provinc
ShanDong YanTai PengLai Hepingsong Square, Penglai City, Shandong Provinc
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Early Prize Cut-off Time:2018-7-15  23:59

2018 Penglai Wine International Marathon Competition Rules

I. Organizer

Host agency: Chinese Athletic Association

Penglai Municipal People's Government

Contracting unit: Bureau of Sports Development Center of Penglai

Yantai Yonghui Sports Development Co., Ltd.

Penglai city bureau of wine

II. About the Competition

1. Date of Competition: 8:00 a.m. September 16, 2018, Sunday, start with a gun shot

2. Place of competition: Hepingsong Square, Penglai City, Shandong Province

3. Competition Scale: 10,000

4. Items:

Full Marathon (42.195 km), Half Marathon (21.0975 km) and Join & Enjoy (about 3 km)

5. Racing Lines (Tentative)

 Join & Enjoy (3 km) Line:

Hepingsong Square -- Zhongloubei Road -- Beiguan Road -- South gate of Penglai Pavilion -- Haibin Road -- Dongguan Road -- Xingpeng Road.

Racing line map

III. Entry Qualification

1. Anyone who possesses legal identification can enroll;

2. Athlete who is banned by Chinese Athletic Association cannot participate in the competition;

3. Requirements of Age:

   Players taking part in the Join & Enjoy are not limited by the age, but a minor under the age of 18 must sign the declaration of entry by his guardian or legal agent. Athletes under the age of 12 (born on and after December 31, 2006) shall be accompanied by the legal guardian. 

4. Marathon is an open and equal race which welcomes all Marathon lovers. For participants with special demands, please fill your demands in the "notes" field in entry application and the organizing committee will try its best to provide convenience services.

5. Runners shall bear the risk of Maraton race and be fully aware of their physical condition;

Marathon is a high-intensity competitive sport and a high-risk event which requires high physical condition of competitors. The contestants should be physically healthy, have a long-term running experience and complete the competition or system training of the registered items.

6. Those with the following physical conditions shall not participate in the competition:

Patients of congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;

Patients of hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;

Patients with myocarditis and other heart diseases;

Patients with coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia;

Diabetic patients with hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia;

Pregnant women;

People get colds within two weeks of the race day. Others who are not suitable for Marathon;

7. Responsibilities of personal injury and property loss in the competition caused by personal physical or other personal reasons shall be held by the contestant individually.

The Organizing Committee recommends that each participant go through a physical examination (including an electrocardiogram examination) in a regular medical institution and make a self-assessment in reference with the medical examination report to confirm that his or her physical condition can adapt to long-distance running. In addition, they shall also buy personal accident insurance to participate in the competition.

IV. Ranking and Admission

For Full and Half Marathon, the top 3 are admitted according to gun time. Others from the fourth are ranked and admitted according to chip time. For the Join & Enjoy group, there is no timing or ranking. 

V. Time Limit and Distance



Time Limit

Detailed Time

Join & Enjoy

3 km

0.5 h


VI. Start Time

China Standard Time 8:00 a.m. on September 16, 2018, Full, Half Marathon and Join & Enjoy start;

VII. Awards

1. Little Warrior Group

Every competitor who is enrolled in and complete the enjoyment running, and who is under the age of 12, can receive a Little Warrior medal from the organizing committee.

2. Finish Prize

An athlete who completes a  join & enjoy within the time limits is entitled to a medal.


VIII. Entry Fee (Unit: RMB) (excluding competition clothes)


Standard price

Early bird price

Join & Enjoy




IX. Method of Application

1. Individual Application

Log on to the official event website (www.yt42195.com) to register and apply on the competition event page.

Follow the official WeChat of the event (WeChat ID: yonghuisport). Click the Apply button to apply.

2. Group Application

(1) Please contact the Organizing Committee at: 0535-6936633

(2) Email address: 1962831973@qq.com

3. Application deadline: 00:00 p.m. on August 10, 2018 

X. Application Confirmation

After successful payment, applicants will receive a short message or an Email from the organizing committee to confirm successful application.

XI. Insurance

The host agency will insure all participants and staff against organizational liability insurance.

If insurance is invalid due to incomplete or untrue registration information offered by the player, the liability shall be borne by the contestant.

XII. Special notes

1. The insurance policy purchased by the organizing committee is personal accident and injury insurance. However, the adverse consequences caused by physical reasons or personal illness, do not belong to accident injury insurance, for example, participation in illness, fatigue, etc., is not covered by the personal accident insurance policy purchased by the Organizing Committee. Therefore, personal prudence is highly recommended;

2. The organizing committee provides free on-site first-aid medical treatment during the competition, but the related expenses incurred in hospital treatment should be paid by the participants.

3. The participant shall bear the responsibility of personal injury or death caused by doping or taking other prohibited drugs during the competition.

4. To ensure the safety of the contestants, the judges and staff authorized by the Organizing Committee shall have the right to terminate the competition if the participants are obviously unable to continue it.

XIII. Organizing Committee Contact Information

Address: No.20-2 Haibin Road, Development Zone, Yantai City, Shandong Province
Tel.: 0535-6936633

Email: 1962831973@qq.com

Official website: www.yt42195.com

XIV. The Organizing Committee will not refund the registration fee if the contestant gives up the competition after successful application. Once all the application information is submitted, the quota shall not be transferred.

XV. The final authority of explanation belongs to the Organizing Committee. The uncovered matters are subject to further notice.


2018 Pengchang Cooperated Marathon

Proposal to "protect the blue planet and marine ecology"

There are so many Marathon participants, creating a large amount of rubbish in a short time. This forms a huge burden to the environment.

As the organizer of Marathon events in Penglai, Changdao, Yantai and other coastal areas, "Yonghui sports" has made "Marine Ecological Environment Protection" as a permanent topic. Since 2018, it has been promoting this concept continuously and putting it into practice in the events.

Below are new environment protection measures for 2018 events:

I. Environmental friendly materials plan during events

1. "Yonghui Sports" initiates a "Recovery Plan of Idle Running Clothes" with "Burning", a professional new media platform for running.

It takes 100-200 years for plastics to be degraded to harmless pieces or carbon dioxide and water and return to natural circulation;

Sports quick-dry clothes, made of polyester, are more difficult to be degraded than plastics.

Therefore, if you have running clothes in idle, please wash it and come to the competition to give them to us. Yonghui Sports, together with "Burning-GEARLAB burning equipment lab", will donate them to "We Love Blue Sky" environmental protection public interest organization and "Micro Love Public Service" organization. They will give them to the people in need.

2. The Organizing Committee will not print Competition Manual. Please download relevant content online.

3. The use of disposable dishware will be reduced in competition supplies;

II. Event rubbish will be recycled by classifications

The event organizer will clean track rubbish and classify recyclable and unrecyclable rubbish and fulfill environmental protection obligations;

III. Events items are made of environmental friendly renewable resources

With scientific technology progress, human can recycle plastics and make them into articles of daily use.

18 plastic bottles can be used to make a jersey. In 2010, this kind of new jersey first appeared in the World Cup of South Africa, and in Brazil World Cup, 10 teams selected this kind of environmental friendly jersey and 13 million plastic bottles have a "second life". It is estimated that all these bottles can occupy 29 football field.

Yonghui Sports is now contacting relevant scientific enterprises to discuss the manufacturing of environmental friendly competition clothes. If it is possible, these clothes will be launched formally this year.

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